Fill in the blanks…

mind worksLike Denise I found the ‘Fill in the Blanks’ activity fun.  We shared similiar responses in regards to our subject matter –  children.  Not suprising given we both are undertaking an Education degree.  But, it really does reinforce the idea explored by Bransford et al (2000) that suggests you construct your own understanding “based on your prior knowledge, experiences, skills, attitudes, and beliefs”. Your current understanding will influence all that you do.

Bransford, J., Brown, A., & Cocking, R. (2000). How people learn: brain, mind, experience, and school. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press.

Thierry, L. (2015). How does the mind work? Learning to see the invisible.. Retrieved from

Meandering Musings

An interesting activity and a fun brain break. My response in capitals and bolded letters below.

The questions that PEOPLE face as they raise CHILDREN from INFANT to adult are not easy to ANALYZE. Both FEMALES and MALES can become concerned when health problems such as CANCER arise anytime after the EARLY stage to later life. Experts recommend that young CHILDREN should have plenty of SLEEP and nutritious food for healthy growth. BOYS and GIRLS should not share the same BED or even be in the same ROOM. They may be afraid of the DARK.

I wasn’t overly surprised after reading a few fellow EDC3100 blogs, that we had the same thoughts, Ellen’s answer was quite close to my response. I wonder what the real paragraph is, have to trowel through the internet and see what ‘pops’ up. NOTE: I changed 2 words to make it make…

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