Scheduling Parent-Teacher interviews

Well, it is that time of the year again where teacher prepare by collating data, undertaking formative assessments, checking running records etc in readiness for the years first parent-teacher interviews.

After reading a blog from Lengend77 who spoke about how they felt towards ICTs,  I ponded about some changes in the classroom since I, and perhaps Lengend77 were at school.  The old parent-teacher interviews.  I recall a note that we had to take home and give to our parents.

With the technologies we have available today to create, record and generate statistics for each child it would stand to reason technology would also provide us with programs to electronically arrange time slots for parent-teacher interviews.

Voila, a program called Bloomz  has been created.  Richard Byrnes features this ICT in his blog outlining the pro’s of using Bloomz.  One such advantage is the time saving abilities of the program for both parents and teachers.  Once a table of available times is created parents are notified and able to pick a time-slot.  The saying of ‘first in best dressed’ certainly applies as once a booking is confirmed no issues such as double booking can occur. A wonderful tool that allows both parties to organise themselves for the pending interview.

A con for using this ICT that springs to mind for me are the families that do not use technologies…yes they do exist.  Or families who are not confident in using ICTs, or even families who are not able to access technological resources due to either a service issue or financial aspect.  It would be imperative in these instances to ensure you as the teacher offer alternative ways for parents to arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct a parent-teacher interview.

Where is this leading to for me?  What I am appreciating from EDC3100 is when to use ICT and when to have alternatives. Teaching is a collaborative profession where in formats such as blogging or Feedly we are able to gain insights into all current and new ICTs from our colleagues.  Effectively, others road-test the resources and we as a profession are able to discern if the ICT will be beneficial based on our particular requirements.  Long live the professional collaboration, the technological innovations (ICTs) created by our colleagues and the wonders of the internet!




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