Truth, truth, truth…

Wow, it is amazing how we can share similiar viewpoints.  This week I was sifting through many blog postings both from fellow EDC3100 peers and also greater afield and I had the thought of, ‘How can I learn about ICTs in the classroom and the way I might integrate, teach and support students with these when most have not yet been invented”.  How can I learn something that is yet to exist?

mparkesmoller recently blogged about this very topic.  mparkesmoller point was very simple…educators need to be abreast of ICTs in the 21st Century as we are influencing the student who will interact with the globe and the real world problems within it.

Sir Ken Robinson is a strong advocate for education revolution, not evolution….revolution. In the above video Sir Ken Robinson speaks of education requiring a revolution which requires innovation, of which he acknowledges is hard as it involves doing something which is uncomfortable. He challenges us to think differently about our current practices.   Sir Ken Robinson suggests our thoughts on education are based on past centuries rather than this century.  I believe this highlights more than every the vital importance of educators being technically savvy with today’s ICTs and having a genuine desire to incorporate them effectively.

Allen Carrington created a pedagogy wheel which equips educators with a framework that considers the “digital-age education” we currently face.   The wheel assists educator utilise mobile apps in the most appropriate area of learning for students. Within the context of the learning the wheel allows teachers to identify pedagogical places and purposes and embed them into learning. An interesting tool, if you have time check it out as it suggests ways of incorporating ICTs into the pedagogies within your classroom.

All the best with your own personal education revolution involving ITCs.


Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution!. (2010). United States of America.


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