Plickers – A new way to quiz

I recently read a blog written by Rebecca Davies who was discussing how to navigate a tech deficient classroom.  That is, where each student does not have access to their own device, such as an iPad.

A wonderful ICT Rebecca spoke about was Plickers.  An innovative way to use technologies to engage students in a quiz.  The teacher uses the program to create the quiz (this involves manually typing in questions which can be laborious, yet does have the capability to archive for future use), assigning each student a number which will correspond to the QR code they are given.  The quiz is displayed using the IWB or projector for instance and the students simply display their chosen answer using the QR code.This amazing QR code is utilised by each students to display their answer.  Plickers which is downloaded on your iPad, iPhone etc will then use the camera to scan the students QR codes collectively.  Plickers will record electronically their answers to the quiz.  For me, a student who went to school many moons ago, this is truly amazing.  I keep using the word amazing…as it really is.  Watch the you tube video to learn more.

In a classroom where technical  devices are not of a ration 1:1 the use of ICTs programs such as Plickers can allow teachers to still engage with technologies whilst supporting students of the 21st Century in meaningful activities. Teachers are given the opportunity to gauge student learning instantly and offer assistance to areas of learning in a timely matter. Plickers collates the data, again another time saving exercise. What’s the harm in making a quiz a little different for kids and more engaging??? With the Australian Curriculum and the Melbourne Declaration firmly committing to students engagement with technologies this is one way teachers can utilise ICTs to offer alternative ways to doing quizzes.


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