Can you solve the riddle before you lose consciousness?

I watched this video created by Derek Abbott and located on TED Ed this morning regarding a fun exploration of the mathematical concept of conditional probability.  A neat way to explain and visually illustrate the concept using a somewhat authentic problem.

TED Ed offers multiple video exploring a variety of mathematical concepts using Math in Real Life as the motivation.  This particular video explores the concept of conditional probability in order to find the greatest odds to assist you lick the right frog giving you the necessary antidote to get out of the rainforest alive. I can tell, you are thinking…’Why do I need to lick the frog?’.  Well, you will have to watch the video to find the answer to the question.

Problems such as this I believe offer students the opportunity to engage in problem based learning (PBL) of a highly authentic, albeit unlikely scenario to solve an authentic student-centred problem using Bloom’s (1956) Higher Order Thinking Strategies.  Strategies such as Application to reason, Analysis to investigate the facts and Evaluation to draw a conclusion.  The video also address possible misconceptions in calculating the odds, explains why these are not accurate and offers explanations to corrections.

If you have a few minutes watch this PBL video.  What was your answer and reasoning?


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