Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Rome wasn’t built in a day…or was it?

I learnt today of a teaching resources that can be incorporated into a variety of subjects and address cross curriculum priorities (CCP).  The resource has the capability to be a hands-on activity to construct the resource.  From there students can investigate the timelines of progress and research particular landmarks using scan/touch technologies and ultimately collate the new knowledge together to participate in an online quiz all from the comfort of their desk using an iPad.

Now, I hear you saying ‘Well, what is the resource called?’.  4D Cityscape Time puzzles. The multi-layer jigsaw puzzles incorporate the four dimensions to recreate cityscapes or ancient cities, for example Hong Kong, New York, Ancient Rome or Egypt.

The resource encourages students to collaboratively and cooperatively problem-solve in order to achieve a common goal, that is build the multi-layer jigsaw puzzle. Followed by researching information using 21st Century technologies and finally bring it all together to test their level of understanding via a quiz.

I could see this resource being used in a history lesson, a geography lesson whilst  incorporating CCP for Asia (Hong Kong, China) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) skills whilst actively engaging the minds of students to complete a fun, yet educational activity that explores a variety of curriculum contents.

A blog I read yesterday written by Sherryn regarding Assignment 2 outlined her focus area of Geography.  I wonder if this resource could be useful in the unit to explore the changes in natural, managed and constructed features in a place ?

I encourage you to check it out and share your thoughts of the resource and possible classroom applications.


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