Blogging 101 for Adolescents…and me!

I recently read an article written by Jamie Diamond within the website Association for Middle Years Education on how to and why you should incorporate blogging into the classroom.

A great example of why introduce student blogging  is to encourage students to write with a purpose and provide them with a genuine audience.  Prior to undertaking EDC3100 I had never engaged with a blog, let alone created my own.  I had to learn the ways of blogging, I had to think about my purpose for the intended blog topic, I had to consider my language for my intended audience, I had to learn the 101’s of blogging in the 21st Century.  Initially that was a daunting task.

I have no doubt the same could be said for the students in our classrooms engaging with modern writing techniques and methodologies.  By explicitly teaching the instructional strategies of this modern source of literacy students can overcome reservations to open up their worlds to engage in, invite and create wonderful written texts to share with a small group, the wider community, or the globe.

From a teaching perspective blogging can allow the teacher to check the level of understanding individual students have for new learning, the connections to prior knowledge and the real world connections students make with new knowledge.  Blogging can also identify learning needs of individuals, for example grammar, and provide a visual representation for assessments.

It is skills such as these that will help our students navigate Information Communication Technologies in the 21st Century and beyond.  When I reflect on my journey from the start of the semester to now, I feel more confident and excited to engage with blogging because I have learnt how to participate with them.


Diamond, J. (2015). Blogging: Writing in the Real World. Association for Middle Level Education. Retrieved from 


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