Gotta love an aha moment

Initially I found EDC3100 so consuming and it appeared to have no clear direction. How wrong I was and I must admit impatient. The grand plan of the course designers was yet to have been revealed in the initial weeks.  But by week 4 and beyond it was slowly but surely being uncovered.

The beauty of the moodle books is so clear and the content builds upon the last book to allow online students to progress their learning systematically and all whilst allowing us to join the virtual classroom practice.  By that I mean, the ‘I do, We do, You do’ technique of explicit instruction.

The course has revealed to showcase this teaching strategy where the book explicitly unpacks the learning content, we collectively complete a practice together and then we have the opportunity to complete the ‘You do’ via the forum and receive meaningful and explicit formative feedback.  A wonderful opportunity has been inbuilt into the course whereby the weeks modules enrich and enhance our learning for the subject of ICT Pedagogy and Curriculum all the while allowing us to progressively complete assignment 2.  It is this aspects (that aha moment) that I am particularly impressed with. Upon reflecting on this aspect I am encouraged to strive to achieve the same practices when I am responsible for a class.



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