Pedagogical Content Knowlegde (PCK)

When I think back to previous subjects where they have involved curriculum and pedagogy I realise the lecturers were striving to reveal how to design learning for specific subject areas.  Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) is an amalgamation of pedagogical knowledge (PK) and content knowledge (CK). That is “what you know about the content of what you’re teaching” (Jones, 2016).  So, for EDC3100 it is about the content of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and the pedagogical practices we use to teach it.

When you think about the subject that way it really is quite a simply concept to explore.

Sherryn wrote in a recent blog the transition from the beginning of the semester for EDC3100 to now and the way in which the ‘logic’ so to speak has been rolled out to students. I have to agree with Sherryn’s comments regarding the clarity to subject now presents via the weekly tasks and books.

The set up for the subject on the study desk endeavours to reveal to students how to design learning for EDC3100.  Slowly we are becoming more competent in bringing together ICT knowledge and appropriate pedagogical knowledge (eg. RAT).  The trick will be bringing it all together our the course of assignment 2 and 3.



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