Anzac Day resources

After reading Sherryn blog titled “Lest We Forget” I thought I would share with you some teachers resources I found produced by the Department of Veterans’ Affair which I located when I was researching for a recent assignment.

The resources were produced in 2014 (and onwards) for the 100 year centenary and are available for primary and secondary years. The resources range for a variety of global conflicts, however the resources for the Anzac centenary are greatest in numbers.  There are unit plans for learning about war memorials, how the great war changed school children’s lives, and even an Anzac biscuit recipe.  The booklet are accessable in a word docuement or a PDF so are able to be shared with the students using ICTs.  The content aligns with the Australian Curriculum and is based model inquiry pedogogies. As a pre-service teacher I consider these resources to be a great starting point in understanding possible ways to construct a history unit plan.  Not to mention the intergration of cross curriculum priorities and general capabilities opportunities.

SSGW_Primary Cover

The website includes links to competitions students can participate in.  The National History Challenge is one such competition where students have the opportunity to learn and inquire about our past and produce an essay to showcase their historical research and literacy skills.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes to check the site out and consider how these resources could fit into your curriculum, whether it be history, geography, art and even music.  I consider the resources to cross a variety of curriculum subject, it simple depends how creative we are in utilising them.


National History Challenge. (2016). Individual Research Essay | National History Challenge. Retrieved April 27, 2016, from

Department of Veterans’ Affairs. (2016). Teachers Resources | 100 Years of Anzac. Retrieved April 27, 2016, from


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