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Upon reading  Danny’s blog I too am like many of my peers undertaking EDC3100 I have not yet been advised of my prac placement due to start on 16th May.  Whilst I acknowledge the start date is a few weeks away and the prac office works extremely hard, and I genuinely mean extremely hard, I was a little disconcerted when I rung them yesterday and they could not locate my prac forms.  Not exactly pulling my hair out but still thinking ‘deep breaths…ok, so they have to be somewhere’.  I am sure they will be located and actioned accordingly.  Said with my fingers crossed.

The main reason I like to know is to make contact with my mentor teacher early enough to understand the student needs, classroom dynamics, behavioural management techniques, and where possible the unit/lesson contents that we will complete together.  I find knowing the direction of the curriculum and content lightens my cognitive load whilst on prac.  If I know where I am heading I can plan (to the best of my abilities) and where necessary learn unfamiliar content before immersing myself into the classroom.  Or, maybe I am just a control freak!

Time to adopt a new philosophy…’not knowing is exciting and full of new possibilities’.  Said again with fingers crossed.


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5 thoughts on “Prac placement

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  4. Reblogged this on learningjourney173 and commented:
    hi Elizabeth,
    After reading your blog can I just say I totally get your wanting to be organised with your PE. I found out a month ago where I was going, as I got my forms in at the end of January and was placed at the school I put down for a preference. I have found that if you get in early the USQ staff are not in such an overload situation and can cope better than being rushed off their feet.
    Funny thing though , while I have been organised with my placement I contacted my mentor 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for an answer!! I also like to do the pre visit to the class, it makes the transition so much easier on the first Monday. Anyway, I will get back to communication with my mentor on Monday. All the best for your PE, have fun.
    PS I loved the picture you added, I have added the site to my getting very full list.


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