Prac is just around the corner

image for prac practice

Well with prac approximately 1.5 weeks away I feel I am getting excited.  Whilst I don’t yet know where I am going, I do look forward to meeting a new mentor and a class of students. The learning opportunities are endless.

It is exciting, and I admit daunting to walk into the unknown, but I relish the opportunity to put some of the theories we learn about at university into practice.  I enjoy the reflections post lesson on what went well, what I might change, what I could do differently next time.  Upon reflecting once on a lesson I said to my mentor at the time “what I didn’t do well…” and they said to me “look at it as something you will do differently next time”.  They supported my reflection in this instance to become a positive, rather than a negative reflection. You have to try something in order to see how it will work. And, that being said, what works well in one instance may not work in another.  Realisation…teaching is a dynamic environment!

However I no longer let this level of complexity dominate my thinking.  Being a third year student I now find myself eager to find individual ways to cater learning experiences to my particular students needs.  What a wonderful opportunity to look for amazing ways to connect with your students.  From this perspective, I am very excited to be going on prac.


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