Transforming practice

Origami mouse

I was undertaking some work for EDX2170 today and came across a resource the lecturer referred to as a “transformed practice”.   It is great when subjects reinforce the same concepts within different contexts.

The use of this resource was within a literacy centre where the children were able to read the text via the computer, then follow the instructions to complete an origami mouse and then individually complete a procedural text outlining the process.  The activity allowed students the opportunity to read, speak, listen and write regarding their experience. I’d consider that a wonderful opportunity to provide an authentic, meaningful and engaging activity.  Whilst also ticking the Australian Curriculum General Capability box by incorporating an Information Communication Technology (ICT) within an English lesson.

The transformational elements of this practices for me:

Students: It offered a unique experience for the student by allowing a small group of children to collaborate, learn and engage in an activity autonomously without the teacher whilst still being authentic and purposeful.

Teacher: This style of activity offered the teacher the opportunity to transform the way the lesson was planned not only for this small group but for the whole class.


Mousir, K. (2016). Easy Origami For Kids.: mouse(face). Pinterest. Retrieved 6 May 2016, from

Petersen, S. (2016). Module 2 – learning to read (1st ed., p. 14). Toowoomba Queensland: University of Southern Queensland. Retrieved from


2 thoughts on “Transforming practice

  1. Thank you for sharing your information. I will be doing EDX2170 next semester and like yourself will be able to cross link the subjects. Actually there have been many similarities in a few subjects that once you get into it and retain the knowledge realize how it is all intertwined. I guess that’s what it is all about. Best wishes for all your study and thanks again.

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