PE checklist

Whilst I remain unsure where my placement is, I continue to focus on the prac requirements that I will be expected to undertake.

In Week 9 we explored the expectations of prac both personally and professionally and the flow on effect this will have for assignment 3.  I outline below my professional experience checklist which outlines what I believe to be the professional expectations whilst on prac.

PE Checklist

  • Observe other teachers – your mentor and other teachers where available.
  • What to teach – negotiate this between yourself and mentor teacher however ensure at least 5 lessons you teach include the use of ICT to amplify and transform students learning. Remember to gain feedback from the mentor teacher regarding these 5 lessons and record on the lesson plan template as you will need to submit with assignment three.
  • Gather feedback, ask for it, reflect on feedback, action feedback. These can be verbal, written, formal or informal.
  • Gather resources and evidence from prac for PE folder in ePortfolio.
  • Complete collaboratively the interim report at the end of week 1 & 2. Focus on areas of improvement the following week.
  • Week 1 involves, amongst other things, 1.5 – 2 hours of teaching each day
  • Week 2 involves 1.5 2 hours of teaching each day in addition to small group classes or small sections of learning.
  • Week 3 involves 3 hours teaching per day with with one full day.
  • Lesson plans (LP) should be on the EDC3100 template and theoretically be part of a unit of work the mentor teacher is currently undertaking.
  • The feedback and reflection section of the LP should draw on authoritative pedagogies such as Bloom’s taxonomy, Habits of Mind.  Think about how your lesson went, what may have worked, or what you may tweak next time.
  • When reflecting on LP consider utilising Ullmann et al (2012) five elements of reflection: 1. description of an experience, 2. personal experience, 3. critical analysis, 4. taking perspectives into account, 5. an outcome of reflection.

By keeping this checklist in the front of my mind each day I will be able to ensure no critical areas are overlooked during prac and allow every opportunity to benefit from prac and prepare for assignment three.


Ullmann, T D., Wild, F., & Scott, P. (2012). Comparing Automatically Detected Reflective Texts with Human Judgements. 2nd Workshop of Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning. 7th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (pp.101-116). Saarbruecken, Germany




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