Digital Citizenship – the good and bad


i need this. I fell out of my chair at work a while back. hahaha! Vintage National Safety Poster  Sit Squarely on by niminsshop, $14.95:

I almost fell off my chair today as I read about the photo’s online providing spatial data. I don’t upload photo’s to the internet at all really and if I do I ensure the GPS on my phone is turned off.  Well, the photo I uploaded from Week 9 I had left my GPS on.  Yikes, that’s an oversight indeed.

It confirmed the wonders of 21st Century technologies.  Whilst I love having the GPS within my phone, I usually have the location device turned off so as to not ‘ping’ anywhere.  Recently when attending a spatial education PD with the DRNM I learnt about the information your phone provides to help provide data to traffic companies regarding how long it took you to drive from point A to point B in peak hour traffic.  This data allowed traffic updates to give real-time data to those travelling in peak hour traffic. I found this phenomenal yet daunting.

Lee writes in her blog the real world issues that can arise as 21st digitial users.  Lee provides some great everyday suggestions on how we can protect unwanted visitors in our homes.  Take a minute to visit the site.

Inline with Week 10’s sentiment of things we share, and don’t share I have since checked my phone and turned the location service off.


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