Digital Citzenship

Digital citizenship, how well am I navigating this platform?  A good question.

In my a professional life I have had stringent privacy constraints underpin my job for many years. For this reason I have a fairly good appreciation for ICT privacy, safety and ethical use.

Consequently, this mentality has fueled my personal approach to ICT.   Note, I used the word appreciation, not practice.  I clarify this as I don’t know it all when it comes to digital citizenship.  In such a rapidly moving environment I think no one can have a handle on it at all times. The best you can do is have a handle on practices today and keep learning and changing along with technological advancements.

I know that bullying can take all forms and across all platforms (ICT and non ICT).  I understand identity theft as this formed a large part of my profession and I have some understanding of spamming and phishing.

Upon completing the first quiz  on bullying I achieved 3/4%.  Interestingly the question regarding those who bully usually having low-self esteem was false.

Completing the cybersafe quiz I got 24/25.  The question I missed was giving out your first name.  I said kids should not give out their first name, rather use a nickname. I personally limit the amount of times I utilise my first name, instead using a nickname or log on name.  Personal preference I guess.

In reflecting on the quizzes and moodle book I believe I have an adequate awareness on digital citizenship, however acknowledge constant consideration for changes to the environment must remain front of mind.  Being forewarned is being forearmed!  This philosophy will carry forward to my future role as an educator and hopefully serve both myself and my students well.


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