What have I learnt

Considering what have I have learnt during week 10 I summarize the following:

Do you now feel able to:
Describe “the issues and strategies available to support the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching”; I do have a greater awareness and a vast array of resources available to understand and explore the concept of safe, responsible and ethical use of ICTs for both students learning and my teaching.
Identify my PE site’s existing policies and processes related to the safe, responsible, and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching; – Not yet as I have not been placed.
Describe what ICT skills are required of your learners by your curriculum; – Not able to yet and,
Integrate this knowledge into your response to Part B of assignment 3. Not able as yet.
What aren’t you ready to do? Why? – Understand the ‘context’ of my prac school, students, determine their prior learning or ICT experience, know the ICTs available in the classroom and within the school, the resources or experience other teachers within the school can provide and begin to know the lesson opportunities I can consider based on the acquired information. Not able to write Part B of assignment.
What, if anything, about your planning for Professional Experience has changed as a result of this week’s learning path? – I now have an appreciation for the digital citizen within a school context and an wonderful amount of references I can refer to for insight on the topic.

Whilst it is not a great position to be in (not having a placement or started Part B of assignment) I have certainly gain a greater awareness from the weeks topic of digital citizenship within the school context.  I certainly look forward to the challenge of understanding my students needs and knowledge regarding  ICTs and striving to firstly build their skills within the current technological context and enhance my teaching of these areas inline with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APSTs) guidelines.


2 thoughts on “What have I learnt

  1. Hi,
    I have just read your blog and am feeling anxious for you not having your PE placement yet. It is only leaving 2 days to chase up and not much spar time to have a meeting with your mentor prior to Monday.
    I have had my PE approved for about 6 weeks so here is how I went about it, not much help for this time but maybe for another. Mid January I knew I had to go on PE so I contacted the PE office asked them what they required, downloaded, completed and scanned my forms back. I guess getting in so early made it easier for the staff in the PE office as well as me.
    Hope this might help you next time and best wishes for the rest of the course.

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