CLEM – helping to amplify and transform student learning

CLEM wordle

CLEM, an acronym that stands for Community, Literature, Examples, Model.

During prac it is an expectation that we integrate a variety of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) into our lessons with the intention of amplifying and transforming students’ learning.  CLEM is one framework that supports effective utilisation of ICTs in the classroom.

Community is a reference to who else may utilise the same ICT that you are integrating into the lesson. How widely is the ICT used and how can you access this community to support your integration of the ICT?  Literature refers to the information you may have available to you in relation to the ICT that illustrates the educational theories that may support the integration of the ICT. Examples refers to sourcing examples of how others may utilise the ICT, searching for new ways to maximise usage of the ICT. And finally Model is a reference to understanding the specifics of the ICT and ways of working  or components that make up the ICT before using it with students.

Looking forward to prac I anticipate CLEM playing an integral role in structuring my lessons.  In preparation to compiling lesson plans I have begun to list possible ICTs that could assist in various tasks and considering CLEM.  As Joel references in this recent blog CLEM has a very beneficial role to help us assess an ICTs value. CLEM has provided me with a framework to assess their abilities to amplify and transform student learning as an ICT resources, identify knowledge shortfalls I may have with the technologies and also a basis to start investigating how the ICT is used in various situation within the classroom.


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